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About us

Motorcycle Safety Instructor

When I was 16 years old I sneaked out with my older brother's motorcycle (an awesome Puma 90c.c. two stroke, squeaky, noisy and smelly) and my love affair with motorcycles started. I did learn how to ride motorcycles the hard way, back then was the only way, trial and error. Even at the end of the 80's when I started riding Dirt the only way to learn was to try and...err

I bought my first BMW R5 - 500cc when I was 17 years of age (against the will of my parents of course)... and I have been riding since then.

Participated in several races in Argentina and also made adventure trips in South and North America, spent several thousand of miles in every imaginable situation, snow, dirt, mud, cold, hot, from the Andes to the Rocky Mountains.

Worked as a coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation teaching the Dirt Rider Course (now retired).

As newcomers and come-backs alike are in need of professional safety instruction in motorcycle riding, I started this low stress class, in which I ride with the students, evaluating his riding technique and then coaching them in a relaxed environment in how to improve their riding style and safety.

This friendly and relaxed private class is the best way to either learn (or re-learn) the demanding skills to become a safe and seasoned rider.

In the class I cover the void between the Basic training of the M.R.E. and the Racing Schools, with techniques and tips geared to improve the performance and safety of you, the average person.

The best way to learn? Take a motorcycle rider course. Studies have shown that 92% of accident involved riders are either self taught or taught by friends.. Your friends are a garden of misinformation. Your instructors are a wealth of real knowledge.

Remember, always ride the road (at your own pace), not your friends!

Emilio Bole



My first motorcycle a BMW R/5, 500cc.
With this bike I traveled most of the northern states of Argentina.


Ford Patagonia

Trip to Tierra del Fuego through the Patagonia in a Ford "A" model 1931. 45 days of glorious adventure for a 17 year old driver!


Motorcycle Patagonia

Rally Lagos del Sur
7 days of the most grueling Patagonian roads. Raced the Argentinean Rally Nationals and finished 3rd. overall in 1973.


Moto USA

10,000 miles in the Far West (USA).
California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada.


Motorcycle Instruction

With my older son Ivan at the top of the Rowher Flats ridge doing some exploring on the mountains with our dirt bikes.


Street Bike

My first cruiser!
Kawasaki Vulcan 500. After this motorcycle I got an Yamaha V-Star 1100cc....


Motorcycle Classes and Training

Exploring Utah for 10 days in a Dirt Bike with my friend Perry King.


Motorcycle Classes and Training

Suzuki SV650
Nimble and sweet.
Great canyon carver


Dirt Bike Training

Adventure trip
Baja California, Mexico


Variety Article Motorcycle Training

Variety Magazine Article




Testing the "Dirt" with the GS1200



"The Snake"
Muholland Rock Store