Motorcycle training, braking distance

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Motorcycle training, braking distance

Braking is probably the most important action that a rider can perform. Braking allows us to quickly slow down and come to a stop before hitting an obstacle.

Numerous studies and accident investigations have concluded that most motorcycle operators (riders) are unaware of the distance that is required to bring the bike to a full stop. Many do not understand ( or don't want to) the tremendous effect hat speed has on braking distance.

Braking distance increases with speed, unfortunately the increase is not linear.

If a bike that is doing 30 MPH can stop in 33 feet doesn't means that if the same bike is doing 60 MPH would be able to stop in 66 feet, it actually will take 134 feet! The increase in braking distance is the square of the speed increase.

The good news is, any reduction in the speed you are traveling will decrease enormously your braking distance. Check the following chart to have a clear idea of braking distances, but be aware that this chart doesn't include your perception/reaction time (which will increase your braking distance considerably).

SpeedBraking distance
90 MPH300 feet
80 MPH238 feet
70 MPH182 feet
60 MPH134 feet
50 MPH93 feet
40 MPH59 feet
30 MPH33 feet
20 MPH15 feet
10 MPH4 feet

Ride safely and at a reasonable speed, being attentive and constantly scanning the horizon for potential obstacles (cars), you can minimize the dead-time associated with perception/reaction and allow yourself the maximum possible time and distance to avoid an accident.