Chin up! look far away.....

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Chin up! look far away.....

Training one's eyes to look farther ahead

The question you should ask yourself is, “Do I look far enough ahead?” The answer should be “Yes”. If not, you shouldn't be riding a motorcycle! You must think about looking ahead, because if you do not your eyes will drop automatically. This is without doubt the main cause of accidents.

Train your eyes to look to the farthest point and it will give you vital information, enabling you to plan and react to features ahead. You might think that by looking far into the distance you would not see the vehicles in front of you slowing down and closing with you; take it from me, even when looking up you will be aware of all that is happening around you by your peripheral vision.

Anticipation is vital for motorcycle safety. It is difficult to hold on to for long periods of time and for some people even for a short time. This is where concentration comes into its own. Without it the ability to keep looking far ahead will be lost. You have to be actively looking ahead and thinking about doing it at the same time. If you do not, your eyes will drop down (human nature, to look where your front tire is going).

How many times have you seen a driver or rider slam his brakes on? This is because he lost concentration and with it the consciousness of the speed .

Many people and organizations blame speed for practically every accident. This is nonsense and will do nothing to reduce accidents, which are mainly down to lack of concentration, lack of anticipation and lack of motorcycle riding skills.

How many times have you traveled along a route and found that you are almost at your destination without being aware of part of the journey? We all know this happens and the reason is because we have lost our concentration. Holding on to it is one of the hardest disciplines, but it is essential. Lack of it is a major cause of accidents, not speed (unless it is accompanied by this lack of concentration and not using the visual point which considerably reduces your capacity to react). Mental training is required if you want to be a safe motorcycle rider. When was the last time you saw or heard anything to inform the masses about the necessity for concentration, anticipation or the visual point?