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MotorVike Test

DMV Riding Test

You know that lots of people fail the DMV riding test......

Street motorcycles are not the most agile machines in the motoring world.

They are more nimble than cars for sure, but they are not as maneuverable as the Dual Sport bikes or smaller bikes (400cc and less). The stability inherent in today's street bikes is a welcome thing when you are "really moving".

But what about when you are trying to ride in a tight circle at 2 or 3 miles per hour? while keeping the bike from stalling or jerking around.

Well...there is a couple of tricks that you can use to make the maneuver a lot easier,

First, "counter balance" like the dirt riders do in the slow turns.

Second, "use the rear brake"
Maneuvering a 400 plus pound street bike within tight confines is tricky business, especially in terms of throttle and steering inputs. Too much throttle and you overshoot, too much front brake and you stop short, the chassis diving forward.

So, try dragging the rear brake, use throttle and clutch (slip it) to provide a smooth and constant power, but use the rear brake to "regulate it". Unlike the front brake, the rear brake keeps the chassis of the bike steady, which is just the thing you need when carving a 2 mph turn.

With practice you will get good at controlling the speed and balancing the bike with your body.... and the DMV test will be a child's play.

DMV riding test consists mostly of circling within parameters (two concentric circles painted on the pavement) two times each way without touching the ground with your feet, and also weaving between cones, all exercises are performed at slow speed).

Good luck!... and welcome to the sport.

NOTE: During my class you will practice the maneuvers tested on the DMV, and also you will be able to rent the bike for the test if needed.

Click here to get the California Motorcycle Handbook, download from the DMV site