Lane-Splitting and CArpool LAnes

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Lane-Splitting and CArpool LAnes

Lane Splitting

California is the only state that allows motorcyclists to split lanes on the freeways.

The benefits to me are enormous, it allows me the ability to make my way through stopped traffic or avoid being stuck in rush hour traffic. But with this privilege comes responsibility. Lane splitting must be done in a safe and prudent way.

Lane splitting is fun and rewarding, and can be done in a safe and relaxed way. Just follow the basics rules:

  • Do not travel more than 10 MPH faster than traffic flow.
  • Do not split lanes when traffic is going over 40 MPH (there is no need anyway).
  • Be aware of splitting between tow rigs (sixteen wheelers trucks), they have a tendency to weave back and forth.
  • Constantly consider the possibility of cars "changing" lanes abruptly (mainly when there is room to do so).
  • When lane splitting, use one lane or the other, do not weave between lanes.
  • Remember, drivers do not see you coming, be aware and ready to react.

Carpool Lanes

California allows motorcycles to share the carpool lanes (even with only one rider), its legal and also very safe to travel on the carpool lane.... and relaxing. And yes, you can split lanes in the carpool lane also, just do not go over the double yellow lane if you do not want a ticket... and do not exceed the speed limit.