Wheel lock for motorcycles

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Wheel lock for motorcycles

A very useful but "dangerous device" as is also extremely common to forget about it being set on your bike, take off and auuuch..... there goes the front caliper!

Wheel lock is a device much like a padlock, specially designed to fit in the front or rear disk brake of your bike. Attaching the wheel lock prevents a thief to roll your bike away. The bad part is that is very easy to forget that is there and taking off with it attached to your disk makes a mess of the braking system.

There are several after market gadgets to remind you that the wheel lock is on, some of them are interesting others are a nuisance, but there is a very simple way (and free) to make sure that you do not forget to take it off before riding your bike.

It entitles "discipline" and a simple procedure. First you should have a chunky key ring where you keep the actual key that opens the wheel lock.

As you park your bike and set the wheel lock, at that moment you also attach the "motorcycle ignition key" to the chunky wheel lock key ring.

That's all..... now, if you are going to take off without removing the wheel lock you will notice a "big and chunky" key ring hanging on your ignition!

and you can't ignore that!

The trick is simple and cost almost nothing, and imagine the hundreds of dollars you will save following this simple procedure.