Motorcycle set up, how to set up your motorcycle for proper rider fitting

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Motorcycle set up, how to set up your motorcycle for proper rider fitting

A motorcycle comes from factory with standard settings, this means that controls , suspension, height , etc. are set in the factory to a standard "happy medium". As we human (riders) come in every shape and color, most of the time this standard setting is not good enough an it may even be dangerous for some riders, hence the need the adjust (set up) your bike to your own needs.

Spend some time fiddling with the controls of your bike until you feel comfortable. Move (loosen and rotate) the clutch and front brake lever until they sit at the correct angle (this means that when you are in the riding position your fingers can extend easily to reach them and your wrist is at a comfortable angle).

The height of your bike could be changed (this is better left to the experts at the shop) as the settings in your suspension can be changed to fit your type of riding.

Most sport bikes (crotch rockets) come with a very aggressive racing setting on the suspension, most probably you do not need to keep it that way, soften the suspension (follow your manual instructions) and you will have a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Remember, adjust the motorcycle to fit the rider instead of the rider adjusting to fit the motorcycle. A properly set motorcycle will reduce fatigue and increase the safety and enjoyment of the ride.