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KLR 650 - Project Bike

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I bought this KLR 2001 with only 785 miles and all the plastic broken. The previous owner had taken it to the dirt but had no "idea" how to ride on the he went down and broke all the plastic and decided that motorcycling was not for him.

Confronted with the task of repairing it I decided to give it a twist and made it into a super moto (a dirt bike for the street).
Tires: Replaced with Metzler (for street)
Handle bars: Replaced with clip-on (like the crotch-rockets have)
Lighting: Front , Acerbis Dual sport set.
             Rear, home made with Pep Boys parts.
Front fender: Acerbis Super Moto
Rear Fender: Home made fiberglass
Exhaust: Re-routed to be under the seat with Pep Boys parts.

It turned out to be a very enjoyable bike for around town and the canyons....although my friends call her "The Franken Bike".


KLR 650
KLR 650
KLR 650