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motorcycle roads in southern califdornia
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Motorcycle Roads to Ride

Explore L.A. secret motorcycle mountain roads


Surrounding the Los Angeles area there are innumerable little hidden roads, winding  through lazy mountains and sleepy valleys with
breathtaking scenery, they are perfect to practice your motorcycle riding, improve your cornering and braking techniques, become aware of
your own limitation and the limitations of your bike. If you feel that you need some extra coaching on the mountain roads, give me a call and we
can schedule a class up in the mountain roads
These roads are seldom busy with traffic, since they are just secondary and not main connectors, which allows for a very relaxed and
casual riding, giving you the opportunity to improve your riding with safety.

If you are interested in riding to the Rock Store for a quick hamburger  or to The Neptune's Net for a crab lunch,  through canyons 
and winding roads, or adventuring to Solvang or Ojai for a day's ride, contact us about our "Roads to Ride" mountain personal instruction.
You will enjoy a ride through the "twisties" and receive qualified personal instruction in safety and riding techniques.

For more information please call 805.907.1320

Other interesting places to go motorcycling.....

The Rock Store