Street Bike Class | Motorcycle instruction for street bikes - Friendly and relaxed one on one instruction

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Street Bike Class

Ph: 805.907.1320


Personal Motorcycle Training ,one on one.

Class Fee $ $200 (student has to provide his own bike).
This class does not qualify for the DMV riding test.

Los Angeles and Ventura County

In my (low stress) Street Bike class you will have fun and learn how to be more confident with your cornering and braking techniques.

You will also learn about safe Motorcycle Freeway practices, defensive Street riding and become more aware and able to deal with the unexpected. Overall you will sharpen your knowledge and riding skills and become a better and safer motorcycle rider.

Classes are tailored for:

.- Beginner rider (no experience)

.- Intermediate rider (some previous experience)

.- Advance rider - What is an Advanced Motorcycle Rider?

.- Refresher / Returning Rider Courses - Picture the scene……

DMV License requirements (click here)

Requirement for the class

For the class you must have the RIDERS PERMIT (approving the written test in the DMV gives you the Permit).

(the California Motorcycle Handbook can be downloaded from the DMV site)

FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

What do we learn in the class?

  • I will cover all the "physics" related to the motorcycle behavior in turns (low and high speed), braking and accelerating.

  • Special emphasis in understanding the "forces" (centrifugal, gyroscopic and linear) that affect the stability of the motorcycle.

  • Explanation and understanding off all motorcycle controls and devices related to controlling the bike.

  • Special motorcycle techniques: how to downshift and blip, up shifting without clutch, trail braking, etc.

  • Proper motorcycle turning technique (for low and high speed) and progressive braking.

  • How to be safe in city streets, freeways and mountain roads.

  • Safety tips and examples of how to avoid panic reactions.

  • In my class you will learn how to coach yourself to be a safe and better rider.

How long it takes?

  • The class is about 3 (very intense) hours.

  • After the "theory" part you will practice hands on some of the techniques.

  • You will receive a print-out of the class to be able to review it and practice.

Is the 3 hs. class enough for me to learn how to ride?

  • Throughout the class you will learn the basics of motorcycling and safety.

  • These are the tools that you will need to become a good rider.

  • After the class you will have to buy a small (not the one you like, but a "small") motorcycle and practice for several months to become a good and safe rider.

  • Is the discipline in applying your new knowledge after the class, with dedication (and lots of practice) that will give you the final skills to ride a motorcycle with confidence and safety

Do I need a motorcycle for the class?

  • Yes, the student has to provide his own bike (with insurance)

Does this class gives me the slip for the DMV?

  • No, this is a private class with emphasis in "real life" riding techniques, no rules and regulations.

  • If you are 21 years old or younger you must take the Motorcycle Rider Education course.


  • You must study the Motorcycle Manual provided by the DMV.

  • To download the "California Motorcycle Handbook" go to : (you will need Adobe Acrobat).

  • Approve the written test and you get a "Permit" that allows you to ride a motorcycle during the day, no passengers and no freeways.

  • When comfortable with your riding skills you may take the "Riding Test" at the DMV (following circles and lines in the DMV parking lot)

  • After taking and passing the riding test you get your Class M1 license (Motorcycle 1).

  • DMV phone is 1.800.777.0133 (8am to 5 pm) and the web site is

Class Fee $ 200 ( about 3 hours of intense training )
This class does not qualify for the DMV riding test.

E-Mail for more information or an appointment

Los Angeles and Ventura County


Explore L.A. secret motorcycle mountain roads
Motorcycle Roads to Ride


Emilio Bole

More than 45 years of riding experience.

Ex Motorcycle Safety Instructor.

I will organize a full and intense class of riding instruction selecting the roads accordingly to the skill level of the participant.
You should bring your motorcycle in perfect riding conditions or arrange to rent one.
A waiver releasing from any liability will be required before the Ride.
You will learn all the basics on how to operate a bike (what to do and what "not to do" when riding) and lots of safety tips for the real world!

M.R.E. (Motorcycle Rider Education, required if you are 21 years old or younger).

If you are interested in the Motorcycle Rider Education training sponsored by the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) , please call 1-800-446-9227 and inquire for classes in your area.