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Motorcycle Training Areas

Street Bike Training - Southern California

For safe motorcycle training, the area of the class is determined accordingly to the student skills.

If you own/ride your own bike or you already have the Riding Permit from the DMV the class can be held either at your location or in the area of Simi Valley. For students with no experience at all, other suitable places would be selected.

My aim is to attain a safe and enjoyable environment for motorcycle riding instruction.

The training area is around Simi Valley, just 45 minutes North of Down Town Los Angeles, California.


Dirt Bike Riding - Southern California

Hungry Valley Riding Park (situated in the town of Gorman).

Rowher Flats Riding Area (freeway 14 and Sand Canyon area, about 1 hour North of Down Town Los Angeles, California).

Motorcycle Riding Areas - Southern California

If you need information about motorcycle riding areas (Street or Dirt) in the vicinity of Los Angeles and Ventura county, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you some ideas and directions for motorcycle riding. Our phone is 805.907.1320