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Advanced Motorcycle Rider

Simply put, an advanced rider is one who is able to think ahead, continuously planning and changing their  ride based on all of the prevailing circumstances. This well developed sense of observation and planning results in a smooth ride, without any surprises or any compromise to safety. A rider using advanced skills will be able to spot potential danger early on and so will have time to stop, avoid it or escape.
The aim of our advanced training is to improve the skill and safety of your riding so that you can make the best use of road and traffic conditions in essence, to give you the ability to control the speed and position of your bike relative to everything else on the road.
We will cover the importance of high levels of concentration and accurate observation; road positioning and cornering; matching your speed and direction to the situation; acting to keep identified risks to a minimum; skilful use of machine controls and most importantly, being aware of your own limitations, those of the bike and the road.
At the end of the training you should be riding in the correct position for all circumstances, in the correct gear, at the right speed for the conditions and capable of stopping in the distance you can see to be clear. Your cornering will become more accurate and it will be unlikely that any traffic situation or weather condition will unsettle you. You will, through accurate observation and planning, be able to make smooth progress under any conditions