Automatic Transmission for Motorcycles

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Automatic Transmission for Motorcycles

Tokyo Motor Show - Honda Concept Bike

The Honda DN-01 pictured is one of the most interesting. Perhaps another hybridization of motorcycles and scooters, the DN-01 is very special.

The scooter aspects include the ergonomics (the low seating position ), the use of floorboards, and the automatic transmission.

Infinitely Variable HFT Transmission Delivers a Revolutionary Riding Feel.

This new-generation infinitely variable transmission delivers superb throttle response and stepless shifting, with no mid-corner shifting shocks. Riders can select from three shifting modes: Drive Mode, Sports Mode and 6-Speed Manual Mode. Moreover, the HFT offers the world's first* lock-up mechanism in an infinitely variable, hydraulic mechanical transmission. Powered by a 680cc V-twin engine, this machine realizes novel levels of comfort and sportiness.

For those of you who have not ridden a large displacement scooter, the lower center of gravity created by placing the rider lower in the frame offers some significant handling benefits -- potentially, even for a sports bike. Note that the ground clearance on the DN-01 concept appears quite generous. This could be a canyon carver, as much as a cruiser.


Like it or not, automatic transmissions for motorcycles are making inroads, and we can only expect them to become more and more popular. Of course the "traditionalists" (like me) think that "automatic motorcycles" are an aberration of reality.... but lets face it, it will propagate and will bring more people to the sport.

Maybe will bring so many more people to the sport that will make motorcycles a viable transportation vehicle, and with that, will make the general public more aware of "motorcycles" on the road, and that we need!
Emilio Bole