Commuting in a Motorcycle

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A motorcycle for FREE?

Lets do some math……

Riding my Suzuki SV650 to and from work, all while riding a responsible but fairly quick pace (the average speed on the freeway nowadays averages 85 miles per hour to say the least) I manage to get an interesting 42 miles per gallon. Occasionally I even used Full Throttle on the freeway on ramp.

What all this mean?

The average car driver makes almost 2000 miles per month between work commute and personal use. An average size car will get around 20 miles per gallon (if you are lucky).

This driver will use 100 gallons of fuel per month.

As the average fuel price is around $3.00 per gallon, the driver is spending $300 dollars per month in fuel.

Now, if the rider switches to a motorcycle, say an SV650. He will practically double is mileage, cuts his fuel bill in half (spending only $ 141.00 dollars per month).

Great! With the extra $ 159.00 dollars per month he can pay for his brand new motorcycle!

And when he is not commuting to work he can go and have a lot of fun in the canyons.

And did I mention that besides all the savings and fun, riding a motorcycle helps to decongest traffic?

Emilio Bole