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Dirt Diva - Natasha Bole (9 years old)

March 2005
Rowher Flats, California.
Natasha enjoying dirt riding after the rain.
Tasha dirt bike 1
Motorcycle charging into the mud
Tasha dirt bike 2
Good standing position
Tasha dirt bike 3


I like this...dirt riding!

Tasha dirt bike 4
Tasha dirt bike 5
Crystal, Barbara, Natasha and Alex
Tasha dirt bike 6
Portrait of determination of a Dirt Diva.
PapaTasha dirt bike training
Emilio and Natasha


December 2005 - Now I ride a bike with a Clutch!

December 2005, California City. With a Honda XR80 Natasha leaps into the world of real motorcycles with the dreaded CLUTCH! cactus in california city
Cactus from Cal City.
motorcycle driving class
Practicing the standing
how to ride a bike class
Okay,,, Dad says let go
motorcycle class in california city
ahhhh I think I got it.....
how to operate a clutch training
uff this darn clutch is a pain....
motorcycle class in california
finally this thing is starting to work out
dirt bike class and training
Dude...I can handle the
clutch now...