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Picture the scene…….it’s a warm, sunny day, you’ve been watching the Moto GP or Superbikes on television and someone has just parked their brand new motorcycle in your road. Suddenly, the bug that hasn’t bitten you for many years returns and you find yourself longing to be on a bike on the open road again. In an instant you’ve made the decision to buy yourself a bike again……
If the above sounds familiar, then our returning rider courses are designed with you in mind. The trouble with the above scenario is that today’s bikes are technological masterpieces - lighter, faster machines with far more powerful engines and much more effective brakes.
It’s a sad fact, but those returning to biking after many years are more vulnerable and at a much greater risk of being involved in an accident within their first few weeks back on a bike.
So if it’s been a long time since you last rode a bike it really would be worthwhile to take a refresher course on today’s more powerful machines before you take to the open road on your own again. We’ll happily discuss your requirements individually and decide on the best training for you.