35 Riding Secrets

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35 Riding Secrets

Assume you are invisible. Because you are. Never ride under the assumption that another driver sees you, even if you are just in front of him. Bikes don’t always show up in the mind of the other drivers.

Dress for the ride, not for the pool party. Sure, el Pollo Loco is 5 minutes away and nobody plans to eat pavement. But you never know.

Expect the worse. Assume somebody will push the yellow or run the red light.

Full concentration is the minimum. No matter if a half naked goddess is at the corner, you may start drifting into trouble. We go where we look at!

Mirrors are not enough. Always turn your head before changing lanes.

Anything that happens is your fault. If a guy runs a red light and hits you, it's YOUR fault. That attitude can keep you alive.

Left turning cars remain the danger number one for motorcyclists.

Mind the gap. Keep distance from cars on the freeway. Stay at least 2 seconds behind and scan 12 seconds ahead.

Be loose on the bike. Arms bent, not rigid, so there is no steering input from “death grip”, stay relaxed.

Slow down before a turn. It’s the leading cause of solo bike accidents on canyon roads. “In slow, Out fast” is the old adage and still works.

Don’t apex early; late apex whenever possible.

Learn to use both brakes in a smooth and progressive action.

Look where you want to go. Do not look at things you do not want to hit. Remember, we go where we look at.

Keep your front brake covered when riding in congested traffic or in town. You can stop in a shorter distance.

Keep looking around while riding, do not fixate in any particular object.

Focus your vision way out front. When looking 20 or 30 feet ahead of your tire, you are looking at “history”.

Don’t buy a bigger bike than you can ride. Pick your bike carefully.

Ride on the center of the street, in town that gives you more space for safety.

Do not ride “over your head”.

Master slow speed turns. Counterbalancing and throttle control is the key.

Be ahead of the game. Look as far as you can see, will give you time for planning.

If it looks slippery, probably is. Slow down, better to go slow and discover that was just shade than fast and on your head!

A blow out! Now what? Keep calm, easy the throttle, steer the bike to the shoulder and brake smoothly with the good wheel.

Emotions have powerful mind altering characteristics. If mad, nervous, depressed, anxious or exhausted, do not ride your bike.

Leave the phone in your pocket. Motorcycling is a demanding activity, you do not need distractions. Enjoy the beauty of silence.

Flashing is good for you. Flash your stop light even before starting to brake. Flash your front light at intersections.

Intersections are dangerous, so reduce your speed and expect the unexpected.

Avoid riding at night as much as possible. Be careful during rush hour traffic.

Don’t stick next or right behind other vehicles. Keep your distance.

Practice “progressive braking” every day.

Braking distances increase exponentially with speed.

Brake early; don’t wait till you see GOD!

Check you tires and transmission (chain, belt, shaft) before every ride.

Control “Panic” by being in control at all times. Resist the temptation to go beyond your comfort zone.

Total control of the vehicle, at any moment, at any speed-- If your answer is even hesitant, then SLOW DOWN...