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The Rock Store


the rock store motorcycle place


Ed & Vern
30354 Mulholland Hwy
Cornell, California 91301
(just east of Malibu in Los Angeles)


Ed and Vern (Veronica) moved to Southern California from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after WWII.
They stumbled across this building, made entirely out of volcanic rock, which had been a
tagecoach in the 1910's. They purchased this "Rock Store", in 1961, and created a small town
grocery store out of it. As the years rolled by, many changes were taking place in this town
of Cornell, CA.
Cornell started growing in population, which forced the development of major roadways connecting
Mulholland Highway to the Pacific Coast. As people started flocking to this area, more and more
people started taking notice of this small town store. Not only were carloads of people stopping
by for cold refreshments, but motorcyclists began pouring in from all directions. They were drawn
to the windy canyon roads, and of course the opportunity to really test out their riding skills.

As more and more people began frequenting this "pit stop," it became a landmark institution for
the avid motorcyclist's community. Ed and Vern have built a reputation for the Rock Store as one
of the top tourist destinations, and a hang out for the "who's who" of the motorcycling world.
The Rock Store is the most famous motorcycle stop in Southern California and has been featured
in many commercials, films, music videos, television productions and magazine photos.

Among the attractions are the rustic settings, celebrity sightings, hundreds of bikes to look at,
poker runs, and of course the food and drinks. The Rock Store is most popular for their hefty
breakfasts, BBQ Tri-tip Sandwiches, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, Homemade Chili and Soups, and
who can forget those ice cold beverages.

On any given weekend you can stop by and chat with the celebrities who frequent the Rock Store.
There is always the interest of Jay Leno and "what is he going to ride up on today?". Jay enjoys
bringing up any one of his latest "toys" so that everyone can see it. You can usually find him
in the parking lot talking amongst the people. He'll be the first one to show you under the hood
of his new truck, or help someone with repairs on their bike. Arnold Schwarzenegger often pops
his head in for a quick bite, before spinning off into the canyons. Matt LeBlanc can be spotted
hanging out on the patio with "friends." You really never know who you are going to see walk
through the front door.

Stop by and chat with Ed & Vern over breakfast in our rustic restaurant or a BBQ lunch and beer
on our patio. They truly have created the most biker friendly place in the universe. Or, read
more about the Rock Store.

rock store motorcycle map